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About Us

Vigilante Helicopters is a small owner operated business. The owner is also the chief pilot and is on every job to assure safe operations and quality work. We enjoy what we do and have a true passion for aviation.


Vigilante Helicopters Services

Vigilante Helicopters specializes in Part 133 External Load Operations including: aerial firefighting, fire rehabilitation/stabilization, precision long line and heavy lift operations, power line construction, rotor and fixed wing aerial application, aerial mapping and survey, and aerial depredation. Vigilante Helicopters has  firefighting contracts with the USFS and multiple states. Vigilante Helicopters has earned a positive reputation because we go out of our way to provide truly exceptional service to each of our customers. We strive for safety and excellence in every job we do.

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2750 Wold Rd, Laurel, MT 59044, USA

(406) 628-2409


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